Level up your career in 2020

Fed up with feeling stuck in your career? Level up in 2020 with A Girl’s Guide to A Promotion: Stop Crying in the Bathroom & Start Reaching your Goals! If you’ve ever felt like you were sitting still while co-workers, friends, family, even internet strangers were all being promoted around you, this course is for you. Girl, I’ve been there. I feel your frustration and heartache. You’re working hard, doing all the things you thought would get you ahead – and nothing’s happening.

Let me tell you from personal experience, landing that coveted promotion isn’t about just working hard and doing a good job. I know, that was a new one for me too at the time. Learn how I went from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the leadership table, and more than doubled my salary, in less than 5 years. Trust me, if I – the quiet girl who rarely spoke in meetings, kept her head down and cranked out work – could do it, you can do it too. Let me be the mentor, coach and cheerleader I wish I’d found so much earlier in my career. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year!

Sign up for the course at goal-getter-academy.teachable.com.

We’re open for business!

Goal-Getter Academy is officially open for business, with the launch of my first course — A Girl’s Guide to A Promotion: Stop Crying in the Bathroom & Start Reaching Your Goals!

I can barely believe it, I’m so excited to share my 12 Stops on the Road to a Promotion with women seeking to level up their career — and their life! If you’ve been doing everything right in your career, and still feel stuck, this course is for you.

In celebration, the first 12 ladies to sign up for the course will receive the VIP Package for the price of the Base Course (a $400 value). You’ll receive a private brainstorming session with me after completing the course to jump start your progress!

Use the promo code HAPPYNEWYEAR to redeem the offer here.

Tell your friends, it’s always more fun to learn and practice with a partner! We’re hitting the ground running in the new year, girls. 2020 isn’t ready for us!